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Pay Per Click Company Honolulu

Who We Are

We are a locally owned and operated company that gets super excited about helping our clients maximize their PPC campaigns. We thrive on being better than our competition and believe that full transparency is the key to doing business here in Hawaii.

Industry Expertise

We are one of the few companies that do business here that’s 100% experienced with the Hawaii market. While working at I had a PPC budget of over $30,000 per month so got a chance to fully understand the Hawaii PPC market. With this experience I am confident I can manage any PPC campaign running in the state of Hawaii!

Client Satisfaction

We value customer relationships first and foremost and our number one goal is to have the best experience possible with our Hawaii PPC clients. If you check out our reviews on Google and or Yelp! You will see that our retention rate is over 90%!

Complete Transparency

WBecause I have seen how other mainland companies run PPC campaigns I have made sure NOT to follow in their footsteps. You will always know what campaigns I am running and you will own all of that information. If for some reason you decide to pause your campaign all of that past information is owned by you. It’s your account and information fully!

Personal Attention

All of my clients work directly with me as your personal dedicated account manager. Having me run and be the only point of contact is the key to making sure we both understand the goals of your campaign. With your knowledge of YOUR company and my knowledge of Hawaii PPC I know we will kill it!

Our Approach

Running a PPC campaign in Hawaii isn’t magic it takes specific expertise in how a PPC campaign works here. We take the time to understand how you and YOUR company is different and create a campaign that works!


We separate out all your keywords and ads into individual campaigns. That way, we can individually test all the variables until we’ve discovered the most profitable strategies for your business.
I have seen a lot of mainland companies create one campaign for ALL of the keywords for a business and its horrifying! Different keywords need different creative to describe those keywords in an unique way. This is the most profitable way to run your ad campaign.


Our agency tests multiple versions of your campaigns and ads to determine the most profitable strategies for your business. We’ll continually make adjustments to campaign variables—such as bid adjustments and ad positioning—to maintain high performance. We test, test, test and then test some more on every campaign we run. After how I spend my money next on the list is how I spend yours. We continually monitor your keywords to make sure you are not wasting money on keywords you already rank for IE your business name!


We optimize your account on the basis of your campaigns’ performance. To cut your costs and raise your returns, we’ll focus your budget on the campaigns and ads that perform best.
Wasting money is not what we do here on your Hawaii PPC campaign. We cut costs where we can to maximize your return on investment. My goal is to over perform and that way I am a vendor for life!


Our Hawaii PPC agency will of course set you up with Google AdwordsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster Tools. We also implement Gravity forms on all of your contact forms to fully track your conversions.


Our Hawaii PPC management style fully rely on our unique method of targeting to find the most valuable customers for you and your business. We also implement remarketing campaigns to keep your customers coming back over and over even if they have only visited your website once!


Every single month you will receive a detailed report of what worked and didn’t work and we can set up a monthly meeting to discuss your campaign.

Our Results

Our clients succeed because we continuously test and refine our strategies and tactics. In working with us, they enjoy increased site traffic, more conversions, and a higher Return on Ad Spend.
My clients stay with me and my company because we have proven track record. Using our strategies and tactics in working with us over 90% of my clients get more traffic AND higher conversions.

A Few of Our Happy Customers