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Islisa Guitar – Private Guitar Lessons

Ilisa Peralta is a private guitar tutor who teaches inside of Island Guitars at Nimitz Center. She offers both online and in-person lessons that focus on the student’s musical interests while maintaining an ability to hone the skill of each student.

Each lesson is private and customized, usually one-on-one sessions. I also have siblings, friends, and parent child duos in a single session. Students learn to focus on the process and let their skills increase naturally. As much as possible, we use music that is appealing to the student. As my student said on the welcome page, these lessons are low pressure and more like a jam session.

How they Found us

Looking for a website designer that is familiar with the music lessons industry.

How We Helped Them

Took their outdated Godaddy website and created something new and fresh. Something that she could be proud of and a site that didn’t look fully DIY.

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