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Liljestrand Foundation

The Liljestrand Foundation makes Liljestrand House available to the global, non-profit community for charitable, cultural and educational purposes.

The Foundation also offers tours to the general public, to architectural firms, and to cultural organizations. These organizations have included the Palm Springs Museum of Art, the Princeton University Museum of Art, the Huntington, the San Francisco Museum of Asian Art, and The Harvard Graduate School of Design.

How they Found us

Started looking for recomendations on Yelp! and then followed up that research on Google.

How We Helped Them

The first thing they needed help with was with having people make donations to their website. They were using a direct link to PayPal and they were having conversion issues. Once we talked we came to the conclusion that because their website was hard coded using Adobe Muse it was very difficult to easily add new functionality and or make content changes. Not only that but they had a completely different code base for doing the mobile responsive. That meant that if they made a change to the desktop version they would then need to make that same change to the mobile responsive side as well. So we took their beautiful website design and converted it to a WordPress theme. Its now super easy to use and after implementing a new credit card processing system they are now getting more donations as well!

Services Provided

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