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Modern Times Beer + Coffee emerged as a fearless team comprising brewers, coffee roasters, culinary maestros, innovative minds, and beer aficionados, originating as a 30bbl production brewery and tasting haven nestled within San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood in 2013; today, our influence extends across California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, and Texas, encompassing a dynamic array of ventures such as an expansive barrel initiative, a thriving coffee roastery, and diverse tasting room sanctuaries.

Our present array of establishments encompasses the central brewery and coffee roastery situated in Point Loma, a captivating tasting room ensconced within San Diego’s North Park enclave, and a vibrant restaurant and tasting venue nestled in Encinitas.

How they Found us

I have worked with Katherine von Thelen formally of Orange Roc and Maui Brewing company on at least 2 dozen websites between both companies. Katherine was recently awarded the opportunity to be the new brand director of Modern Times Beer and Coffee.  They did have a current website however it was very difficult to update and manage. They needed someone they trusted to create a new website for them so the reached out to Webmaster Services Hawaii.

How We Helped Them

Our collaboration with Modern Times Beer + Coffee marked an exciting milestone as we set out to create a dynamic new website that seamlessly embodies their vibrant essence. Through the prowess of WordPress design, WordPress development, and WordPress maintenance services, we meticulously curated a digital platform that artfully portrays their multifaceted offerings.

With WordPress as our cornerstone, we expertly ensured flawless functionality and an intuitively navigable interface, guiding visitors through the captivating world of Modern Times. The utilization of Elementor, combined with our expertise in WordPress development, allowed us to craft a visually arresting representation of their journey – from their origins as brewers to their evolution as coffee roasters and beyond.

In a collaborative effort, we seamlessly integrated their distinctive branding elements, striking visual content, and captivating narratives, culminating in a website that resonates profoundly with their diverse audience. Harnessing the intuitive drag-and-drop features of Elementor, we shaped custom layouts and interactive elements that vividly animate their unique story.

Our WordPress maintenance services ensured that the website remains a reliable and responsive digital hub, keeping pace with their expanding locations, ventures, and extensive product lineup. Through WordPress design, development, and ongoing maintenance, we have not only met Modern Times Beer + Coffee’s immediate needs but have also provided a flexible platform that will gracefully evolve alongside their dynamic journey.

Services Provided

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