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Established in 1968, Special Olympics Hawaii has expanded its reach to cater to more than 600 athletes. Dedicated to its mission, Special Olympics offers year-round sports training and Olympic-style competitions in diverse sports to individuals with intellectual disabilities, enabling them to foster physical fitness, showcase bravery, find happiness, and engage in a supportive community where they can share talents, abilities, and camaraderie with their families, fellow athletes, and the broader community.

How they Found us

In their dedicated pursuit of a partner that resonated with their non-profit mission, Special Olympics Hawaii embarked on a thorough online research journey to find a company specializing in WordPress websites and website design services, with a particular emphasis on mobile responsive design. Driven by an unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity through sports, they meticulously scoured the digital landscape, evaluating various entities to identify an organization that not only shared their values but also possessed the expertise to craft websites that seamlessly adapt to mobile devices.

Throughout their extensive online exploration, they sought a company capable of collaborating on projects aimed at enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. By prioritizing mobile responsive design, they aimed to ensure their website would offer an accessible and user-friendly experience across all devices. This approach aligned with their mission, reinforcing their dedication to inclusivity and community support.

How We Helped Them

Our collaboration with Special Olympics Hawaii became a transformative solution in their search for an ideal partner. Recognizing their mission’s significance, we stepped forward with expertise in WordPress websites and specialized website design services that prioritize mobile responsive design. By addressing their specific needs, we assisted them in translating their vision into a reality.

With a profound understanding of their dedication to fostering inclusivity through sports, we meticulously curated a website that seamlessly combined their core values with cutting-edge technology. Our mobile responsive design approach ensured that their platform would provide an optimal user experience across all devices, aligning perfectly with their commitment to accessibility.

Throughout the process, our tailored solutions reflected the heart of Special Olympics Hawaii’s mission, empowering them to continue providing year-round sports training and opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Our partnership not only addressed their technical requirements but also upheld their vision of promoting courage, joy, and camaraderie within their community.

Services Provided

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  • Local Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Website Design
  • Website development
  • Website Hosting
  • WordPress Website Development

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