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The Bathroom Store

The Bathroom Store, a family-owned establishment with a legacy spanning more than 25 years in Honolulu, HI, is dedicated to catering to customers seeking bathroom renovation solutions. We excel in offering dependable and budget-friendly products, coupled with guidance for repairs and replacements. Upholding our commitment to both residential and commercial clients, we provide contemporary sophistication, comfort, and cost-effective efficiency through our globally recognized bathroom offerings. Our unwavering focus on customer service remains paramount as we strive to deliver the utmost satisfaction to all our valued patrons.

How they Found us

Facing the challenge of integrating both retail and wholesale functionalities into their online store, The Bathroom Store embarked on an extensive internet search for a website development provider that could deliver a comprehensive solution. Amid their search for expertise, they were drawn to Webmaster Services Hawaii due to our reputation for innovative e-commerce solutions and specialized plugin implementations. Impressed by our successful track record and our ability to tailor our services to their specific needs, they chose to collaborate with us. Our commitment to addressing their unique requirements and our proficiency in OpenCart e-commerce, coupled with the integration of the wholesale-retail plugin, stood out as the ideal match for their project.

How We Helped Them

At Webmaster Services Hawaii, we were presented with an intriguing challenge by The Bathroom Store—an existing online store that was facing functionality issues. The need to seamlessly display both retail and wholesale items within a single storefront was paramount. Recognizing their requirements, we were engaged to provide a solution that could harmoniously cater to both aspects.

Their quest for a comprehensive resolution led them to our expertise, and we were pleased to offer a tailored response. Leveraging the capabilities of OpenCart e-commerce platform, we designed and developed a brand-new website that addressed their specific needs. Our approach involved integrating a specialized plugin that enabled the display and management of both wholesale and retail products within a unified storefront.

Through our meticulous execution, The Bathroom Store now boasts a revamped online platform that offers a seamless shopping experience for both their retail and wholesale customers. The distinct functionalities coexist harmoniously, allowing them to effortlessly showcase their diverse inventory while catering to varying buyer needs.

We take pride in our ability to deliver solutions that align with our clients’ unique requirements. By employing a combination of cutting-edge technology and our proficiency in e-commerce development, we provided The Bathroom Store with a website that not only meets their expectations but also positions them for growth and success in their online ventures.

Services Provided

  • Custom Programming
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Theme Development
  • Website E-Commerce Design
  • Website Hosting

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