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Our vision encompasses a restaurant industry in which employees receive a fair and sustainable wage – a realm where the disparity between the earnings of front- and back-of-house staff becomes obsolete. To actively contribute to this transformative shift, we have adopted a practice of compensating our team considerably beyond the conventional industry standard. Through this initiative, we aspire to set a precedent that encourages other dining establishments to follow suit. Our commitment lies in fostering a restaurant collective that prioritizes the well-being of our staff, empowering them as they strive for personal growth and excellence. Witnessing our team bond and revel in post-work moments of camaraderie brings us immense joy, knowing that financial concerns no longer cloud their interactions.

How they Found us

AV XO was in search of a seasoned company with a proven track record in constructing websites tailored for the restaurant industry. Their requirements were particularly geared towards a website that showcased a collection of restaurants within a group, highlighting diverse culinary experiences. Upon discovering our portfolio, which included the development of the Maui Brewing Restaurant Group website, they identified a synergy between their aspirations and our capabilities. This resonance prompted them to seek a website akin to the one we crafted for Maui Brewing, reflecting the group-oriented structure and aesthetic they envisioned.

How We Helped Them

Our collaboration effectively addressed AV XO’s specific needs. With our expertise in website development for the restaurant sector, we provided a solution aligned with their vision. Recognizing their desire for a website that showcased a group of restaurants, similar to the Maui Brewing Restaurant Group site we had previously created, we crafted a tailored platform that captured their unique offerings. By understanding their requirements and leveraging our experience, we successfully guided AV XO toward the realization of their desired multi-restaurant online presence.

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