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Yummy Restaurant Group maintains its commitment to offering customers the best value for their money for foods they love to eat. It strives to continue to provide an exceptional level service at all of its restaurants.

How they Found us

Angela Choi found me by doing a search on Google.

How We Helped Them

Some of my best clients start out with very small projects. That was the case this time! Angela was having an issue with how the site was performing on mobile and just needed a quick fix. Webmaster Services Hawaii to the rescue. Not only was Angela impressed with how the fix came out but was also quite pleased with the cost. About a month later I was again contacted as their other developer had gone missing and urgently needed to regain control of the website. We helped to migrate their website to their own hosting account so that they could have complete control. Again we did a great job and of course we got more work out of it. The last big project we did was implement a digital gift certificate system on their Signature Prime Steak website that would allow them to tie in their only gift card purchases with the physical cards. We are contracted to help build out the new Liliha Bakery site early next year!

Services Provided

  • Enterprise
  • Featured
  • Responsive Design
  • Website Maintenance

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