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Alaka’i Services and Roofing, Inc. emerges as a fully licensed and insured enterprise, specializing in the art of roof installation, repairs, and upkeep across residential, commercial, and government endeavors. At the helm stands Manuel Clifford Madeira III, a local owner-operator with a remarkable 30-year legacy within the field. The heart of Alaka’i Services and Roofing Inc. beats with the rhythm of impeccable craftsmanship, prices that stand tall in the market, and a commitment to unsurpassed customer care.

Irrespective of the project’s scale or scope, our ethos revolves around one certainty: the culmination shall resonate with complete customer contentment. We extend an open invitation to reach out for all your roofing needs, entrusting your aspirations in the hands of the industry’s Alaka’i (Leader).

How they Found us

In search of a skilled website designer in Honolulu, Hawaii, Alakai Roofing embarked on a digital journey. Their quest led them to my online presence through a strategic Google search. As they scoured the digital landscape, the virtual path converged, and they discovered my services, perfectly tailored to their website design needs in the vibrant city of Honolulu.

How We Helped Them

Because the company was fresh on the scene, they were starting from scratch – a blank canvas eager to be painted. From the very beginning, they required it all! We began by crafting a distinctive logo, capturing the essence of their identity in a visual masterpiece. But that was just the beginning. We then dove into the world of website design, creating a theme that resonated with their spirit and made navigation a breeze for their visitors.

A user-friendly website wasn’t enough; they needed their digital home to be fully functional. So, we rolled up our sleeves and not only set up their email but also walked them through the process, ensuring smooth communication. And as if that wasn’t enough, we introduced them to the wonders of Google for Business email, revolutionizing their communication game and giving them a professional edge.

Imagine it like helping a newborn take its first steps – from designing their very first look to making sure they’re connected and ready to conquer the digital world. This journey wasn’t just about providing services; it was about nurturing their growth from the ground up. From logo strokes to email clicks, we were there every step of the way, helping them transform into a thriving digital entity.

Services Provided

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Google Local SEO
  • WordPress Website Development

A Few of Our Happy Customers