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Shimokawa + Nakamura, Architectural, Design and Planning firm, is a full-service firm with vast experience in hotels, destination resorts, custom homes and industrial/commercial service facilities.

A dynamic firm that provides high-quality projects, first-class service and great design, Shimokawa + Nakamura is proud to have a majority of our projects representing repeat clients. We work hard to continually provide a quality product and earn the respect and trust of our team including clients, consultants, government officials and contractors.

Because of our firm’s small size, each project receives individualized attention from the Principal-in-Charge. Unlike larger firms, the Principal-in-Charge is also the primary point of contact, the Project Manager, and the Project Architect. That means you don’t get passed off or get a B-Team, and you don’t have transition teams between project phases.

How they Found us

Peter Uchiyama found our company on Yelp and after talking with several other website designers they decided to go with Webmaster Services Hawaii.

How We Helped Them

Another old Flash site! Well it seems that there are still a few of these sites out there and they are in drastic need of some help. The main issue with Flash sites is that they are not able to be read by Google. What we mean by that is when Google searches the web to find content unless there is text to read it doesn’t know what the website is about. We took their flash content and created a new WordPress website that better showcased how they are experts at architecture in Hawaii and what their specialties are. We are also doing all of their website maintenance and hosting along with our Webmaster Services.

Services Provided

  • CMS Website Development
  • Featured
  • Responsive Design
  • Webmaster Services
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Theme Development
  • Wordpress Maintenance
  • WordPress Website Development

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