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The Clinic for Speech-Language & Swallowing Disorders

The Clinic for Speech-Language and Swallowing Disorders in Hawaii provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic Speech-Language Pathology services. Our clinic offers initial free-of-charge phone consultations to determine if a Speech-Language Evaluation is needed. With 20 years of clinical experience, we offer Pediatric, Adult, and Geriatric Speech Therapy to enhance skills and improve the quality of life through the different stages of life.

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Another client that has found us on Yelp!

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Lori of The Clinic for Speech-Language and Swallowing Disorders had just moved from Oahu to the Big Island and needed some help with her current website. She had a designer/developer that gave her a bunch of misinformation regarding how local search engine optimization works. I took her current website and created a new elegant WordPress website that looked very professional. Not like her old site that looked like a collage kid did it.

Once that was completed I helped her gain access to her Google for Business page and updated all of the content and got her verified. The next step was doing all of the local citation work necessary to get you listed in the Map Pack on Google.

Not only is Lori very pleased with how the new site looks and functions but she is now getting leads again. Last report was that she has received 4 new clients with 8 more in the pipeline within the first month of launching the new site! Hooray!

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