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Arturo’s Tortillas

The “Tortilla For All World Foods” message is key. Besides Mexican food, tortillas can be used for all sorts of ways in all sort of World Foods and Cuisines.

Arturo’s has been making the best for Hawaii since 1981.  Arturo’s tortillas are stored chilled because of the minimal amount of preservatives used.

Taste and Smell the Freshness and Goodness.

Arturo’s Tortillas are available by the package or by the case in Chef Zone’s chilled area.

How they Found us

Of course he found me on YELP!

How We Helped Them

They had an existing website that was very old and to be honest not very inviting. There are two major things that need to happen when talking about food websites. First the food itself needs to look really good not just OK and next you need to convey that your products are safe and enjoyable by the general population. We created a new website that does exactly that.  The owner also has another company that does hot sauce and we implemented a solution for that as well.


Arturo Tortillas

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